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Created by a CPA who’s tired of using Excel to calculate this stuff for QuickBooks Online and Xero customers.

Track Loan Amortization, Interest, and Principal.

Automated Monthly Journal Entries.

More Accurate Loan Entries.

Easy and Accurate Reporting.

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iLOANMANAGER is finally here for QuickBooks Online and Xero!

Auto-Post Unlimited Loans
iLoanManager was created by a CPA that was frustrated calculating all the loans numbers.
Create a Bill, Check, Credit Card
This app gives you the ability to manage as many loans as you want for as many clients as you want!
Easy to Use and Less Time Reconciling
Just enter your loan information and just review each month.
Save Time and Money
Accurate, Scalable, and Simple. Just set and forget.
Principal & Interest Automatically Calculated and Posted
We handle all of the calculations including interest as well as post payments!

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